February 20, 2012


Anisa Telwar (Founder and Owner of adesign Brushes) and Shana King-Marshall (Co-Founder and Executive Director of Sales and Marketing as well as Experienced Makeup Artist Beauty Expert and Business Manager) have paternered up with DuPont™to create a 8-piece Collection of innovative Brushes.  The assortment of brushes can create looks from natural to editoral with a patented fiber called Natrafil®.

adesign Brushes with DuPont filaments are High Performance synthetic brushes made to feel and perform like natural hair.  Natrafil® uses a patented technology developed by DuPont™ to replace natural hair in cosmetic brushes.  The goal was to replicate the scales of natural hair.  Powder lodges itself onto the hair and releases when hair bends.  Polymers are smooth by nature and the goal was to create a micro structure along the filaments to imitate the structure of natural hair.  

Natrafil® filaments are durable, do not absorb liquids and the tuft is not damaged by cleaning, even everyday. The filaments create a more precise and clean makeup application.  adesign Brushes were created for the Makeup Artist Industry with concepts based on input on Artist use and feedback.  

These brushes are an excellent choice for Professional and Personal use.  I found little fallout and breakage and the Natrafil® fibers create a flawless application.

You can purchase the 8-Piece set here.

  • Cover Brush - loose and pressed powders, applying bronzer and cheek products 
  • Define Brush - liquid based emollient products, tinted moisturizers, face mask, excellent for flawless application of foundation
  • Accent Brush - highlighting and illuminating powders to brow and cheeks, can be used with both powder and liquid products
  • Highlighting Brush - highlighting brow bone, setting concealer under eye area
  • Contour Brush - dense head provides control and adds depth and dimension to crease are
  • Buff Brush - sets products try using under eye to penetrate product and distribution 
  • Blend Brush - perfect balance between stiffness and softness ideal for crease and blending eyeshadows
  • Smudge Brush -  fine tip detail brush, helps soften pencil and lip line

Photos and Video: adesign , adesignbrushes via Youtube and Just Walking By

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