February 2, 2012

Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day Picks

With Valentine's Day around the corner I thought I would pick a few of my favorite pieces.  They are reasonably priced and some delicate and sweet.  I know these are all jewelry pieces but I thought it's only fitting.  I find jewelry last and it can be passed down one day.  I know I'm suggesting it for Valentine's Day but I think it's fitting for any Special Day.  

I personally own the Silver Stingray Crescent and LOVE it from her Collection.  View more of her Collection here.

Lauren Wolf studied jewelry design in the mountains of Mexico and currently works out of her studio in Oakland, CA.  She relocated her company after eight years of running it in New York city.  Lauren's love of travel and all things unique continues to play out in her jewelry design process.  Her pieces have been featured in Numerous magazines and have adorned several celebrities.  

Shana Astrachan is a metal artist and object maker working and living in San Francisco, CA.  She is fascinated with the exploration of unexpected materials not found within the context of traditional materials.  

TODD POWNELL'S jewelry evokes a sense of mystery and romance.  Pownell uses older diamonds which he sets inversely or "upside-down" into concave forms and fissures.  This setting creates and captures the feeling of twilight or dusk as daylight declines into darkness.  His pieces are unique compositions that embody historical references of romanticism.  

*Available at The Clay Pot, Shaw Jewelers and Juicy Lucy.  For more info you can contact W29 Showroom.

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