January 31, 2012


Renya Xydis is one of the leading names in celebrity hairstyling today.  Her salons include Valonz Haircutter, Renya Xydis City and Renya Xydis Concept (Salon X) is the hair cutting and coloring destination in Australia.  

Miss FROU FROU Beauty and Nail is a private beauty retreat located in Valonz Haircutters and Salon X.  Skilled Professionals there will pamper you with beautiful beneficial treatments imaginable.  

Miss FROU FROU Nail Polish includes an array of 30 show-stopping colors.  Miss FROU FROU Nail Polishes consists of rich and sensuous colors, edgy yet elegant.  The formulas are extravagantly creamy and rich.  

Celebrities Clientele include Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, Cate Blanchett and Toni Collette.  

*The last two shades are listed.
      • Aqua  RRP $24.95
      • Skye   RRP $24.95
*Learn more about the line and to get more information or to order here.  

Photos and Info:  Miss FROU FROU Beauty and Nail and Alan White Anthology

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